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Simply-Hentai is an adult website where you will find hentai content.

To give you an idea about the materials posted on, I will tell you some of the tags: hentai, oppai, blowjob, anal, group, oral, stockings, incest, happy sex, fingering, cunnilingus and many more. There are 14 pages of tags.

To give it a test drive, I have clicked on the Lesbian tag to see what they will offer me – I have found an interesting series called Teen Titans. I can download it directly to my harddisk if I will use their partner external hosting website, called Uploaded. No problem, I can take down the content for free, because there is this option, but if I want higher download speeds and other special features that could come in handy, I will need to register a paid account, in order to get a cool membership that will make my days better.

The navigation bar has buttons for series, mangas, videos, tags, characters, pins and a blog. There is only one article written there, so don’t get too excited about this. Maybe in the future they will hire a writer to keep a decent daily update of this hentai blog.

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JAV – Japan Adult Videos and they are on the rise

With every fetish that we have there are trillion and one little sub-fetish that’s in the development. Thank God that there are niches to keep all of these freaky kinks under one roof otherwise we would have a lot of problems categorizing all of these things. When we talk about Japanese culture usually tradition and freaky sex comes to mind. They sure are a different kind of bunch but that’s what’s making it so hot. All those neon robots and their squealing girls make that whole region and the porn culture a diverse one, one that has so much potential to become one of the leading niches. Japanese porn is full of puns that became as a stamp for their production. Asian women are petite, submissive and they are shy. We all know that they are really loud as they start to fuck and they are whimpering and squealing as if they are dolls and the air is being pushed out of their bodies. Another one are small Asian dicks, that’s a myth but if we go by any of the dudes who are featured in these videos, it seems as if this myth is a real one.

Those small titty Japanese hotties that want those cocks

These are the sites that are delivering some of the hottest Asian, Japanese to be exact porn videos and some of them are DVDs, some are plain regular clips and some are premium content vids that are requiring registration and some mullah so that you can rub one out on a babe who wants a cock that’s not just 4 inches long. There are so many variations with Japanese women. You can choose a BDSM site or you can choose a school girl Japanese site where you have lots of kinky and shy Asian babes who are getting fucked and plowed. This diversion is what makes the sluts like these a wanted product and they are constantly introducing new ideas and new contents to the whole niche that are making your jaw drop. They are well known for their cos play fantasies so you can even choose a site that is dedicated to girls who are dressed as some of your favorite characters. This is making the whole thing so damn interesting that you just have no idea where to start.

Sizzling hot Jap sluts waiting for you to check them out

There are some of the scenarios that Japanese sex videos have that are really off the wall freaky. There is a lot of incest that’s going on but they are not even covering it up. Let’s be clear, no one is actually related in these videos but it is that fantasy that they are pushing that’s a bit weird when we all know that it is the users who are dictating the type of the content that’s be9ing used and not the production companies. What ever floats your boat flies, no one is judging anyone, so for that exact reason, there are sites that are covering some extreme scenarios. Nothing that’s to be flagged but it is enough for someone who is not of their origins to lift their eyebrow and think to themselves, damn, these are some freaky fuckers. Their girls are damn hot and it shows. Most of them are small boobie sluts but if you are looking for the busty ones, there are sites that host them too. Everyone is covered and everyone can find their kink, the main thing is not to get too weirded out.

Japanese girls are not as timid as they seem

For all of you who already are acquainted with the Jap girls, these scenarios are not gonna come as a surprise. It is those who still have no first-hand experience with them. Ever seen squid porn? Yes, they exist and yes, they are all that you think it is. Can you imagine having a tentacle stuffed in a woman’s vagina? Well, if you can’t try browsing some of the sites here on the list and you yourself can wipe that fantasy off of your to do list before you die. We aim to make people’s dreams come true over here. But in all seriousness, this is probably one of the most diverse category that we carry on our site. The girls are fine, the scenarios are wild and at times crazy but you can justify it with culture shock or something and lastly, the regular porn with these girls is off the wall hot. They are doing it right in all the fields, from sucking cocks, to eating pussies to screaming in those wet, pink vaginas. Asian porn rocks, but Jap porn takes the medal by far so check out the hype.

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Brand New Addition! Review will follow shortly

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You don’t know what raw is, right? Read the definition: being in a natural condition; not processed or refined, not having been subjected to adjustment. So this website will give you retro porn as it is and how it was back then, when you could see natural pornstars with big juicy tits and big asses. Let’s not forget the hairy pussies and the taboo productions with a lot of incest intercourse.

Welcome to, a vintage adult website where you will have this: “Welcome to Retro Raw, the largest adult classic movie database online! Get ready for movies of full DVD’s of all famous retro labels like Caballero Classics, Swedish Erotica, Sunshine Films and many more. Watch famous pornstars of the Seventies and Eighties like Seka, Lisa de Leeuw, Annette Haven and Bridgette Monet having unpolished natural sex! Feel free to browse the archives and profiles below.”

I guess that this website has no secrets for you now. The only thing you should do is to visit it to see it with your own little eyes. The join button can be found in the right corner of the navigation bar and it will give you their available memberships. Have fun!

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I like the idea behind this website’s layout. Sure, it doesn’t have a top-notch graphic, but the idea is interesting. And I also like the combination of colors. Good, now let’s proceed – is a porn site that deals with free content from hentai niche. Their categories are: hardcore, incest, interracial, lesbian, pegging, pregnant and more. All these can be seen in the navigation bar, plus some more. You can’t miss it, since it’s in bright blue!

The latest updates are right there, on the homepage, and you will have them under pretty nice posters. From what I see, they share a total of 5180 photos right now and all of these are on 400+ pages. If you want specific content, you can use the search box function that can be seen in the right corner, near the navigation bar.

Every post has tags and if you will access any, you will see similar content. This option could be useful. I do not know what else to say about MyHentaiComics. It could be a good addition in your bookmarks list of hentai places and you should enter to see if indeed it is. Have some fun while you are there!

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