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Games for your clitoris! Girls, this is your place and you really need to bookmark it! This website will teach you how to make your clit horny and how to have a really cool and long orgasm while masturbating in front of the camera. It will be hard in the beginning, but you will soon be able to know how to do it in order to have a wonderful time, just you and your clit! WRONG! This website is all about adult games and the domain name is trying to tell us that we will encounter porn additions.

Welcome to, a porn portal where you can play flash games. It seems that, if you know how to make games and you want to make them porn related, you can upload your creation right here, for everyone to see it and to appreciate it. The homepage will start with the latest sex games, but you can change that with top rated, most viewed and others, in the navigation bar.

Remember that you will not have a page menu, but buttons with See All, so don’t you dare thinking that they share only one page. Enter ClitGames and have fun!

NOTE: Clitgames is down. Visit this great alternative: PussySaga

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