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nur-sexgames is an adult website where you will be able to play games. It is not the first one that you have seen and I am pretty sure that it will not be the last one. Still, even if we have a lot of destinations with sex games, as I already told you somewhere else on this website, we can never have enough places with this type of content. We are always happy to play more and more games and we are more than happy to have diversity and to have a lot of options for this.

Welcome to Nur-SexGames! Don’t be shy, set your foot on it and take advantage of all the wonderful things that they have prepared for you. They did everything in their power to give you a great adult gaming experience. And the result is pretty good, if you ask me. They share a lot of flash games. The layout is not in english, but you will have no problem browsing around. The niches can be found in the sidebar and you will have action, adventure, bondage, fun and some more. Every game will have a thumbnail. Gaming, like porn, is an international language.

UPDATE: seems down.

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