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"Oh, come in, I've been waiting for you!". This will be the line that will welcome you when you will access It is a porn game and it is a mix between those classic stories with gangsters and sex. It is drawn like a comic and some pages will allow you to understand how it is right from the beginning. Use "Next" once you are in to roll the intro. Basically, you are a guy who starts his adventures in the wonderful land of sex, money and power. Your mentor will help you with this, by giving you your first chick to fuck and some money. Question: until that point, the character was a virgin?

It's damn cool to play a game like this. Yes, it will give you the normal things like ranking up, getting cash and so on, but it will do it in a very interesting way. And the interface is gorgeous. You need to be better than other players and of course, to "fuck" a lot of chicks while doing that. You will need an Internet connection to play it, but you cannot have a multiplayer online porn game without the world wide web.

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