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The fifi is a simple masturbator that feels much better than your hand. With a foam outer sleeve and a disposable inner sleeve, it’s one of the best user-friendly sex toys for men.

fifi’s signature feature is the disposable sleeves, which are perfect for the man who just wants to do it and be done. You just toss them like a condom when you’re finished. The fifi male masturbator is adjustable, so you can make it as snug or loose as you want. The more you use fifi the more it molds to you, like your best pair of jeans. Used with your favorite lubricant, fifi makes for a warm, wet hole that fits you perfectly, anytime you want it, with no mess to clean afterward.

While you’re not using your fifi, you could set it out in plain sight and people might never notice it’s there. The fifi blends with its surroundings. It could pass for a bottle cozy, an oven mitt, or even a travel pillow. You have your choice of Mack Black, Big Blue, Fire Red, Commando Camouflage, or Rugged Gray.

fifi is the best male masturbator for guys who want something simple, easy, and affordable, but much better than their hand.

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