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Ironically, even though I’ve categorized Bang Locals as a dating site, the first thing you’ll read once you click on it is: We’re Not a Dating Site. That’s because they are honest in their intentions – they just want to connect people who want to have a fuck with each other. All matches are done locally so you don’t have to worry about distance, and you’ll need to register before checking any of their members out. That’s a downer; I prefer when sites give you a taste of what’s inside, but they’re claiming this is for the safety of their members – they do have a lot of people who want some fun outside of their marriage, so I guess their logic is sound.

The membership costs $29.95 per month and it’s recurring, so you’ll need to be careful when it comes to billing and the fine print. They do have a nice number of members and Bang Locals might be a good choice if you’re interested purely in sexual activities. Of course, you can find this on any given dating site and I’m always advising people to keep their eyes peeled and open when it comes to these smaller dating sites.

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