FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I add my site to The Porn List?
To get linked here. Your site needs to be atleast 3 months old and indexed by google, you also need to link to https://www.thepornlist.net/
Sites with Alexa ranking >1,000,000 also need to add Zweiporn.com
Then contact me with the subject: Add link to The Porn List.
Email: admin [at] thepornlist.net

Where will my link be visible?
New sites are being added at the bottom of the corresponding category. As time passes newer sites will be added below your site and inactive and dead sites will be deleted. This way your site gets listed higher in The Porn List. So the longer you keep your site alive and provide quality content, the higher your site will be listed. Don’t email us asking for a higher spot. These emails will be ignored.

Why is my site removed from The Porn List?
1. Not loading – We check sites manually to see wether they are still alive. If a site doesn’t load for 7 days we remove it from the list.
2. Virusses – Whenever a virus is found coming from your site it will be removed immediately. It doesn’t matter wether it comes directly from your site or from 3rd party applications/ads located on your site.
3. Inactivity – A site gets deleted if there hasn’t been any new posts for over 2 months
4. Redirections to another site
5. Excessive advertising
6. Illegal content – Child pornography etc.