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For those that don’t know, desi girls are considered to be the ones who are coming from the Indian and south Asian parts of the world. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh are the countries that are considered to be desi countries. Yes. Now that you know a little bit about geography terms, let’s get back to what we know best, porn. Hindu porn is one of the more exotic porn genres since it is not that common to see a desi girl be all that lose on the camera, getting fucked or sucking dicks. It is just the fact that they are a little bit conservative with their beliefs and it is not that common to see a girl get freaky. It is ingrained deeply in their belief system and they are sticking to their guns. Now, let us pose a question that you might find quite intriguing, our fine reader. Do you find girls who are not flaunting their sexy assets hotter or less hot, and do you get more aroused once you get to see all of it at once or do you prefer to see the whole thing before and then once she gets naked it is just the same? The mystery is what’s making these babes hot.

If Hari Khrisna was in porn lot’s of cunts would be finger-fucked

Indian porn can usually be seen in some amateur ways. We decided to lift the veil up and show you just how sexy these porn videos can be. The girls are slamming, they are smoking hot. There is no way that you won’t get hard once you see just how hot looking they are. Check out some of the premium porn videos. The girls that are chosen to be featured in these videos are sex Goddesses and they are looking as if they came out of some myth or a legend about some beautiful queen that used to live thousands of years before and she had the beauty that could kill. Yes, it is true. When they find a busty hot desi chick, you are going to bust that nut in under a second. It is crazy just how amazing they look. On the other hand, there are not many of them. Like we said, they are a gem, once found it is worth a lot. So with every site on the list, remember what you have in your hands.

Mostly amateur videos feature Indian porn

As you can notice, mostly amateur videos are featuring desi babes. This is due to the fact that getting a proper Hindu babe to be a porn star is hard as hell. We had recently a situation that involved Mia Khalifa. She was middle eastern but she got Americanised. Once she blew up, she started receiving death threats and it was a controversy for the people who are living in these countries. These people take these things seriously and if you want to see a cool desi chick fuck, you better believe it that she will not be from India. She might be Desi but she will not be living there that’s for sure. So when we take a look at the sites that we have here, and there are not a lot of them, it makes sense why this is so. The selection is slim because the rarity is high. When you see a hot Hindu chick, you better appreciate her. We looked all over the net to find some hot sites to present but what you see is what you get, they are that rare.

Sex with an exotic chick is always the bomb

With all of these rare niche girls, it is always the same thing. You either get tons of amateur homemade videos or, you get a breakout porn star who is getting slack because her “people” are claiming her and are attributing their beliefs to her. Some voodoo stuff that even we can’t understand. But when you do check out some of the videos, like the ones we have, you will find some hot sex, perfect dick sucking skills, which will surprise you and some hot fucking. It is all about the essence. Regardless of this niche not having some high-end production, it does have extreme talents and that’s what the fan wants to see. Superb Hindu babes fucking their men like bunnies is all that a porn fan ever needs. See all of the sites on the list, it will take a short time if you do not plan on wanking and see what the real diamond in the rough really looks like. You will be pleasantly surprised and we are sure that you will come back, later on, to check out that one chick that will grab your attention.


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