Top 10 Japanese Pornstars


Top 10 Japanese Pornstars

Japan, or Nippon if you prefer to call it in the native, is a place that, despite being an exotic destination that likes to stay faithful to ancient rules and customs, as well as the way of living, still manages to keep the pace with the rest of the world, or even be a leading power in some fields. The same may be said for the Japanese porn industry, while being shot with the latest technology cameras and equipment, a lot of the Japanese porn scenes revolve around their traditional way of life and even some traditional sexual practices.

But, that doesn’t mean that their pornstars are to be looked down upon when compared to western ones, on the contrary. They are carefully chosen by the fans and the directors and they are the best that Japan has to offer. Also, just like girls in western countries start by getting naked for solo shots before doing porn, Japan has its Gravure Idols. That’s the name for hot babes that appear in nude and half nude shots, and that’s where Japanese pornstars are born. The hottest and bravest Gravure idols decide to become AV Idols, which is a Japanese term for a porn star.

And that is where the fun begins. These babes are picked because of their above average beauty, creamy skin, and hot body. But, being an AV Idol often requires expert sexual skills and a lot more, because Japanese porn is famous for their kinky scenes that go beyond most people’s imagination. It is not a strange sight in Japanese porn to see the most beautiful girls do the most depraved sex acts while acting shy and willing at the same time, making Japanese porn so unique. So, without further delay, we present you top 10 Japanese pornstars!

10. Brenna Sparks

Brenna Sparks is one of the most beautiful Japanese with tits of a goddess! Her favourite kind of porn is threesomes and cock sucking, and she does it amazingly! No one plays the role of the sexy student with those sexy socks and little skirt! When you see her dressed like that you will feel a strong need to watch her fucking all day long! When she bends over and moans while a guy fucks her from behind – that will be the end of you! She resembles Tina Tequilla a bit. If that’s gets you off, check her out.
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