Top 10 Male Pornstars

Top 10 Male Pornstars

When people think porn star, they usually think of a female porn star. Most of the porn fans are men, and logically, they search for female stars and their boobs. But while it seems that female porn stars get all the attention, there are quite a few renowned male actors that, while maybe not searched so often, are still known to the majority of fans due to their perks and abilities. Throughout the porn history, there were always men that were regarded as kings of porn, and lots of them were famous outside of the porn world, think Ron Jeremy for example.

And all of those male porn actors are not famous for nothing. Seeing that there’s so few of them, compared to the female stars, makes it clear that not everyone can do the job. The competition is tough, and there are a lot of perks required. One has to look good, times of fat male porn stars are over and today’s porn actors look pretty fit. And most importantly, one has to be in shape and able to perform in front of the cameras, and that is where most men fail.

Fucking a hot chick behind the closed doors is one thing, but doing it on screen is a lot different. With the lights, cameras, people running around, cuts and repeats, most men would loose erection. Luckily, there are some guys that can do it and they do it good. Everyone likes to see a hot chick being roughly banged by a big dick, and these are the dudes that have hard dicks and are able to put on a show and give the roughest fucking possible without making a break, which is something that most men can’t do. And now, we present you the best of them.

10. Xander Corvus

Xander Corvus is a great looking guy that loves the role play more than anything else in the world. Women fall for the size of his fuck and he makes sure that he takes advantage of that! All the things he has done to them can’t be spoken of! When he plays the boss and the sexy secretary walks in, he makes sure that she doesn’t get out without being properly fucked! He likes his job and believes his mission on Earth is giving pleasure to as many women as he possibly can! Check his videos!

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