Top 10 Squirting Pornstars

Top 10 Squirting Pornstars

Squirting is a rare and mysterious condition, and even medical experts can agree on why some women ‘ejaculate’ when they cum, or more commonly spoken – they squirt. Some doctors believe that it has something to do with glands located between the vulva and the clitoris. Whatever the cause may be, most men don’t care, as they are turned on by the women that squirt while they are experiencing an orgasm. Being soaked in hot pussy juice from a cumming slut is an amazing experience, and seeing it on screen is the next best thing if you don’t have any squirters by your side.

The thing is, the squirting is a rare phenomenon, and only some women are able to do it. And knowing that a lot of women can’t cum at all, it makes it even rarer. Luckily, a lot of ladies with squirting pussies have decided to do porn and let be filmed while fountains of their hot pussy juices gush from their cumming twats. These babes are horny as hell and they give it all when it comes to pleasuring themselves and their partners. When they are on the set, the only thing that matters is having great sex and cumming like a waterfall.

Due to the fact that not many porn actresses are squirters, squirting videos are not very common. But, there is still quite a few of squirting pornstars, and while many of those babes are very talented, we decided to make a list of the best squirters that can be found in the world of porn. And being a squirter is not their only perk, they are all prime hotties that are able to please cocks in many ways. So unzip and get ready to be soaked in hot pussy juice from head to toe!

10. Rosemary Radeva

Born in 1989 in Makassar, Indonesia, this skinny beauty decided to travel all the way to America in order to shoot porn movies. What a dedication for a teen girl! Of course, the producers were more than happy to help her make dreams come true because this petite beauty is really something else. Her exotic face is so cute that it alone is enough to make men want her, and her petite frame and almost flat chest made her ideal for all teen porn flicks. Combined with the fact that she’s a squirter, it makes Rosemary a perfect young pornstar.

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