Top 10 Tall Pornstars


Top 10 Tall Pornstars

Porn stars come in all shapes and sizes, short, tall, skinny, fat, you name it. Different people like different things, and while a lot of people prefer petite babes, there is a decent amount of them that are turned on by the tall women. It is a common knowledge that short guys tend to date tall ladies, though some tall ones decide for a tall girl too, likely because they do not have to crouch to kiss her. Joking aside, tall girls are, and have always been, appreciated by some as much as their shorter friends.

But first, what girls are considered to be tall? The Internet says that those are the babes that are higher than 5’10”, and that answer sounds about right. And while it might be hard to decide if a girl is tall or just wearing high heels, most of the porn stars’ measurements are known and easily accessible. Some are right on the border of not being called tall, while some are much taller than that, but all of them have decided to reveal their tall bodies for the cameras. Being often called ‘Amazons’, a lot of these babes use their height to their advantage.

They are expert Mistresses and are able to overpower most of the men, making them obey their every wish. A lot of them have fan bases filled with submissive guys that line up to worship their tall bodies. Others, on the other hand, are regular porn stars that happen to be tall, and are gladly having their holes destroyed in front of the cameras. It really doesn’t matter once they get on their knees or lay down, and lots of famous porn stars are actually considered tall. Anyway, for anyone that was wondering, we present top 10 tall porn stars.

10. Chelsey Lanette

Being a 5’10” tall blonde and weighing 131lb, Chelsey Lanette would have a perfect supermodel body, if it wasn’t for her DD bust. This tall hottie looks amazing, she is beautiful and slim, has a big butt that matches her big boobs, and her tight body wields several tattoos that make her look even more attractive. She has done all kinds of porn scenes, ranging from double penetration to lesbian sex. Also, she has done numerous scenes that ended with a cumshot over her beautiful face. Sadly she has retired, so it’s a 10th place for the tall blonde Chelsey.
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