Top 10 Tattooed Pornstars

Top 10 Tattooed Pornstars

While girls with tattoos were not so common before, nowadays it is a fashion and it is rare to find a girl that has no tattoos on her body. Even though it’s so common now, it is still looked at like something that is kind of forbidden, therefore making tattooed girls seem ‘rebellious’, ‘wild’, and often sexier than they would be without them. And let’s admit it, while there are a lot of girls with meaningful and original tattoos, the most of them put ink just because one reason – and that is to look sexier.

They can tell you stories, but when you see a girl with a dolphin on her but, you know that the butt is what she wants you to look at. She could’ve done a butterfly instead, it is all the same. The point is that it looks sexy, and it makes the girl look rebellious, and thus more prone to having casual sex. But some people do not go that deep, they just love seeing tattooed chicks and they do not brainstorm about the reasons, instead, they enjoy their tight and inked naked bodies in all of their glory.

All of that makes it logical that some porn stars have tattoos. Yes, being inked really is connected to having a free spirit, and that type of girls is more prone to experiments. And while some porn stars put a few cute tattoos on their bodies to make themselves sexier, there are some real tattoo freaks that cover large portions of their skin with ink, and their fans seem to like it a lot. There seem to be more and more inked porn stars on the scene as the time goes by, so it’s only suitable to make a list of the hottest tattooed porn stars.

10. Angelina Valentine

Half Venezuelan and half Italian, Angelina Valentine owns a special kind of beauty that makes most men attracted to her. Enhanced with fake lips and big fake tits, as well as having her whole arm inked, she now has the looks of an experienced slut what she actually is. Once broke and alone, she was determined to become a porn star, and now, with over 300 scenes behind her back, she can proudly say that she had achieved her dream. Winner of the numerous porn awards, she is more than fitting to take place at the top 10 tattooed pornstars.
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