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Launched in 2012, BongaCams is one of the world’s most visited adult websites. In fact, it’s one of the most visited websites in the world, period, listed in Alexa’s 100 most visited sties in 2015. It’s also received numerous awards, including Best Emerging Live Cam Site in 2016 from the Live Cam Awards. It also won the Best Live Cam Revenue program in 2016 and Company of the year in 2017 from the YNOT Awards, in addition to being nominated for numerous other awards. They’ve also won Best European Cam Site and Best Tipping Cam Site from LALEXPO Awards. The point is, BongaCams is cleaning up in the adult market, especially when it comes to cam sites. Based in the Netherlands, the site features live performances by cam girls, cam guys, and camming couples. These shows feature all kinds of sexy action, including nudity, masturbation, sex toys, and strip teases. Their well-established reputation and proven competitiveness against other popular sites like Chaturbate make BongaCams an obvious choice for affiliate marketers. But what’s the best way to get your foot in the door? BongaCams makes it easy for you by having their very own baked in affiliate program, called BongaCash!

BongaCash Affiliate Program

BongaCams sells itself as the “nastiest webcam community in the world,” which in the realm of adult entertainment is a high standard—one which the site has lived up to again and again. But for an affiliate marketer, that’s only a hint of how much money the site might be able to make you. After all, a popular website doesn’t in and of itself mean that it’ll be lucrative for someone interested in adult affiliate programs. What caught my eye when I was researching the BongaCash affiliate program was another claim entirely: that their “beautiful webcam girls and successful concept of monetization guarantee the best conversion in the webcam industry.” Wow, that’s a bold claim, right? I thought so too. But the more I researched, the more it held up.

How Do You Make Money WithBongaCash?

There are a few different ways you’ll make money as a BongaCash. One of the best features of the affiliate program is the fact that visitors to the site don’t have to spend money for you to make money. That’s right. Just having them sign up (which is free!) can earn you up to $4.50, which, if you’re familiar with affiliate marketing, is a pretty good chunk of change. Plus, the sign up for BongaCams is uber easy. Your visitors to the site don’t have to have a credit card to register—you’re basically getting a payout just for them sharing their email address. That’s awesome. The exact payout for sign ups depends on what country they’re signing up from, but it’s a good deal regardless. Top countries include Norway, Switzerland, the United States, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. You’ll get a good payout for mobile traffic sign ups as well!
Another way you make bank is by signing up other affiliates, to the tune of 5% of what they make. And no, they don’t have to jump through some sort of special link code hoops to do. That’s a nice, long-term passive payout.
However, the big money comes from what your surfers spend on the site. You can earn up to 25% of what they spend, and the money just keeps coming. Now, with some other types of adult affiliate marketing programs, this might not seem like such a sweet deal, since free porn abounds and most surfers get tired of one pay site and move on to another. But this is the absolute beauty of cam sites. They have brand loyalty like no other adult sites in existence, because the material is, by its very nature, always fresh. Plus, customers to cam sites often have favorite performers that they visit again and again, and even form personal relationships with. The profit structure of the site means that they can enjoy live performances free, but if they want to request certain acts or have one-on-one performances, that’s when they need to pay… and that’s when you get paid.
The demand for cam sites has grown without pausing since they first became an internet phenomenon, and there’s still plenty of time to jump on this money train!

Other BongaCash Perks

In addition to being excellent for conversions and having a great payout structure, BongaCams affiliate program also offers a ton of helpful promo tools and perks, including a Models Online API, Dynamic Banner tools, Geo Banners, instant messenger ads, and so much more. This is an excellent program for veteran affiliates, because you’ll be able to make full use of everything they offer. However, I also strongly recommend the program for brand new affiliate marketers. If you’re looking to dip your toe in, you’ll find everything you need in one handy package!

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