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Cam affiliate programs are hot right now, and it’s definitely not too late to get in on the profits. If they’re so hot, you might be wondering, then how can you be sure that you haven’t already missed out? I wondered the same thing until I started looking at the numbers. Yes, there’s free porn all over the internet, and yes, there are premium pay sites galore. But nothing is growing the way cam sites are growing. More and more girls are getting down with the idea of making cash from their own home, or even their dorm room, and the supply is still nowhere even near meeting the demand. Why pay for premium porn when you can pay for premium, live, one on one porn? Customers even form long-term relationships in viewing the same girl over and over, which is a gold mine for affiliate marketers. It’s really an affiliate program dream come true. Of course, choosing the right site is important, and the right program, as well. Well, the Chaturbate affiliate program wraps both of these necessities up into one neat and tidy package for you. It’s a great program whether you’re an experienced affiliate marketer like me, or even a novice, because it’s all-in-one and perfectly tailored to maximize effectiveness and profits.

Why Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is easily one of the most popular cam sites, with a well-known and recognizable brand. Even people who have no interest in cam sites and have never visited one know what the site is, and if they do get an inkling to try out a cam site, it’s one of the first they’ll check out. It features not only cam girls, but also guys, and couples. There are also transgender cams, and spy shows. It’s the largest adult camming site, with over 4 million unique visitors monthly. One of the things that makes Chaturbate unique is that they have 100% free live shows. Now, as an affiliate marketer you might be scratching your head as to why this could possibly be a good thing for you, and I get it, because I did the same. After all, if they could watch the shows, while live, for free, how the heck was I supposed to be making money off of this? Well, the answer is the same way Chaturbate does.
You see, there’s access to the shows and even interactions for free users, but in order to get requests carried out, they have to buy tokens. Think of it as a freemium cam site model. Their users can sign up totally for free, with only an email address—they don’t even have to verify a credit card at the get-go. Once they find a stream they like, they can watch and chat for free. But if they want to make a request, they purchase Chaturbate currency in the form of tokens. This is where your rev-share comes in at a whopping 20%. You can also opt for being paid per sign up, which can be lucrative as well, with $1 for Tier 1 sign ups, $0.10 for Tier 2 sign ups and $0.01 for Tier 3 sign ups.
This is an awesome system because practically anyone with any curiosity that visits the site is going to sign up and at least try the token system to see what they get. If they’re happy with the result, they end up being hooked, especially if they find a cam girl or a cam guy (or couple) that they really dig. Cam site customers are notorious for returning again and again and again, which means you’ll keep making more and more money. On Chaturbate, they aren’t scared off by having a long sign up process, or being unsure of their actual benefits—they can see everything they’re going to eventually get without spending a dime.

Other Ways to Make Bank With the Chaturbate Porn Affiliate Program

Rev-share and pay-per-free aren’t the only ways to tap into Chaturbate’s wildly successful business model. You’ll get paid when registered users decide to broadcast, too. So if a potential cam girl signs up under your link and makes $20, you’ll get $50. Plus you get 5% rev-share on affiliate earnings from referred webmasters. Honestly, I found just following the program to a tee was making me steady money that increased over time, which is really the whole point. Now, you can certainly maximize profits by putting more into it, with their exceptional tools, but you won’t have to be an expert or babysit your account day in and day out to keep the money rolling in. Chaturbate is one of my favorite adult affiliate programs now, and certainly one of the most lucrative that I participate in. You don’t have to be an expert affiliate marketer, either, it’s a great starting point if you’re new to the game!

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