Site Review is an adult website where you will play a card game: higher-lower cards strip game. I didn't knew what is that, but this website gave me a live demo to see, in order to understand what exactly this game means. And it was a piece of cake to learn it. Welcome to HiloStripper, a very good adult place where you will have some fun with real babes. They will let you choose between english and german, depending on your knowledge.

The navigation sidebar will allow you to play, to see live games, to see live demos and some more. The website has a pretty retro layout, but this will not ruin your gaming experience, because all the functions work just great and with ease. The homepage will show you the girls with whom you can play and you will have some details about them. In a few words, let me explain this game: you will get a card and you will have to say if the next one will be higher or lower and the girl will do the same. That's it! Now go and start playing on HiloStripper and make me proud! Have fun while doing that!

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