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Extreme Free Games

Extreme Free Games is a porn gaming platform where you can play as a girl or as a dude. Once you visit their site you’ll need to go through the surveying process: they sure do have lots of questions, but don’t worry – it only takes something like 2-3 minutes to answer all of them and then you’re good to go. Of course, this is a premium game so you’ll definitely need to pay some money if you want to play, but it’s like a monthly membership so you don’t have to pay for all those digital goods like in freemium models. On top, you’ll be getting a lot of bonus videos and content; I believe you’ll be quite happy with several thousand bonus videos!

The gameplay is rather simple and you don’t need to stress yourself and worry too much – you’ll be encountering all kinds of crazy characters, most of whom will want to have sex with you! The oversized dimensions (huge tits, asses, cocks, boobs) are a big plus, and the game has been done in 3D. Final word? It’s an interesting game that might distract you for some time, so go ahead – give it a shot and make the decision yourself.

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