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If you're looking for a very niche category of videos that has a very unique plot to it, then you might enjoy the premium porn site Takevan which focuses on babes that get picked up by, you guessed it, a team in a van and then those same babes proceed to get boned out of their minds. The videos are all very professional and they all have very good quality associated with them with some of the most amazing models working for the site to ensure user satisfaction. These videos are all original creations so people can enjoy all of it and know that it was made with a lot of hard work involved.

That's not all though, the site offers some insanely cheap prices as well. For as little as $0.66 a day you can get a 2 day trial and check out the videos and see if they fit your vibe of content. Then, when you're sure that this is exactly what you're looking for you can move up to the 30 day membership for the same price of only $0.66 a day which is billed in one payment of $19.95. There are more cost efficient plans too.

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