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Welcome to the hard version of Twistys, a porn website where everything is done in a hardcore style! will not talk much – a lot of big porn thumbnails on their homepage, explicit images, beautiful pornstars, a brand behind the name and that's about it. You won't have previews to see, trailers or anything else. You want porn? You pay for it.

At this moment, they have an instant access membership that will cost you only 1 $ and it will give you 2 days of fun. Also, it seems that they have a -20 % discount for all the other membership plans.

The navigation bar, besides the login and sign up button, will give you a link to a More videos page. Well, once again you won't see anything, because it redirects to the sign up form.

What else can I say? Since it is Twistys behind it, I can assure you that the quality of this porn productions will rock your world like an earthquake. Anything else, will be a discovery adventure. Enter and see with your own eyes how hot these thumbnails are. The rest will be up to you and up to your wallet. Good luck!

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