Site Review


Nifty Erotic Stories Archive is one of the oldest communities of online erotica on the internet. The site was established back in 1992 and it was never meant to be a commercial platform. It’s more like a community where authors and readers can get together and share stories that they’ve written out of passion. Over the years, the site has gathered a lot of content, and now it features over 264,000 stories from more than 15,000 authors. Also, the platform is truly intrusive for all sexual orientations, coming with gay stories, lesbian stories and even erotica for trans persons with trans characters.
Browsing and reading the stories of the site is completely free. There is no limit on how much you can read, and there are no stories that can only be accessed by certain members. You don’t even need an account to read all these stories. Also, the site is free of any ads. The only way the site stays up is with donations from the members. You’re not pressured to donate, but you can do so if you enjoy the content of Nifty. Also, you can make donations in the name of an author you like.

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