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Aruna Aghora

Aruna Aghora is a pornstar

Aruna Aghora was born in Russia in 1991 and this is one of those girls with class. Everything is perfect with this Russian babe, her sexy and long legs are amazing. Her 32B breasts are beautiful and once you look at them, you will feel the need to suck them. I may commit the risk of saying that this porn star does not make porn, because what she is capable of doing is much more than that. She can turn a sex act into making love. Porn with Aruna Aghora is something higher than the norm.

This special Euro girl already did work with some known porn companies like Paradise Film, Evil Playgrounds, Private, Teen Erotica and more. This tall girl was definitely built to be pleased and to give pleasure too.

There is not much public facts about this amazing Russian beauty, maybe there are still some old habits from mother Russia not talking too much, but who needs words when you can stare at the real deal. Here are the type of things this versatile model is available to: Art, Erotic, Fashion, Fetish, Fit Modeling, Fitness, Glamour, Hair / Makeup, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Parts Modeling, Sports, Stunt, Swimwear, Underwater.

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