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Breanne Benson

Breanne Benson is a pornstar

The blond sex bomb Breanne Benson was born in the Albania’s capital Tirana and immigrated to the United States of America when she was 7. Before this, she spent time with her family in Italy. Breanne loved to learn, so she has human sexuality and psychology studies.

For the lovers of the adult movies, Breanne Benson is also known as Brianne Grant, Breanne Teases, Breeanne Grant, Lonnie Breanne, Breanna Benson, or, simply, as Breanne. Her first meeting with the adult industry happened due to her friend, the famous porn actress Tanya James who took her on the film set. The debut of the hot Breanne was in 2003 when she started to pose naked. The next step, to solo movie scenes, was made and from there to the lesbian scenes was just another small step. In 2004, the girl retired from the adult industry and worked as a dancer in California. Her passion for the porn movies was so ardent that in the summer of 2009 she returned and started to appear in porn movies with men.

This splendid pornstar is loved by her fans for her hot body but also for her blowing mind appearances in the porn movies!

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