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Zoey Portland

Zoey Portland is a pornstar

Zoey Portland is a blonde sensation of a woman from the United States. This amazing MILF was born in Kansas. If you are into high-quality blonde cougars, Zoey is the perfect babe for you. This lady certainly knows how to satisfy a horny stud and enjoy herself while doing it. This babe has experience written all over herself, and she’s not afraid to share it.

Zoey swallows cock like it’s nothing. When she moved to Miami, that’s when she discovered she likes girls as well. So she combined the pretty and the useful and became a porn actress. Since that day, she’s been riding cocks without a break. This cougar nympho will make your pants tight instantly.

She has several tattoos on her hips and her booty. She loves to brag with her tattoos by spreading her juicy butt cheeks or simply twisting her hips. A creamy load is what she craves for, and she does everything to get it. This mature lady has some serious fucking skills, and she does her job pretty well. You can see she’s worth a lot because she’s doing it with style. Zoey is a true lady of porn, so gentle yet so luscious.

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