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Baby Jewel

Baby Jewel is a pornstar

Baby Jewel is a sexy teen from Hungary. She was born in Kormend on August 17, 1994. She’s 164 centimeters tall, and she weighs around 55 kilograms. Although Baby’s only 23 years old, she definitely knows how to handle a massive cock. Whether or not it came naturally for her or she learned the skills, either way, she’s pretty good at what she does. She also loves sharing cocks on the scene.

Baby is a petite teen with nice natural boobs and a tiny ass. She loves when horny stallions destroy her ass because she can then freely moan and scream from excitement. When she spreads her legs wide open, and her tasty pussy comes to focus, every man loses his mind, no doubt about it. Some say her muff tastes like chocolate, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

Baby loves it rough. She loves when she needs to concentrate to the point where she forgets about the stage and just fucks her stallion like never before. Also, she adores being creamed all over her beautiful face; that is what turns her on. The way she licks the load after it has been delivered is something out of this world.

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