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Zoey Paige

Zoey Paige is a pornstar

Zoey Paige is a blonde porn star from the United States. She was born in Portland on August 25, 1993. She is 155 centimeters tall, and she weighs around 60 kilograms. This prepossessing blonde will make your blood boil instantly. She’s not afraid to take a stiff cock in her hands and start stroking it like there’s no tomorrow. Even though this babe looks innocent on the outside, she’s a feisty devil on the inside.

Zoey is quite petite and young, but that’s her main weapon. She may have small natural tits, but she definitely knows how to use them. The way she fondles them after she gets creamed is impressive. She won’t disappoint you with her cock-sucking skills either. When she gets a hold of a stiff dick and starts sucking it, she’s not letting go without a reward.

Although Zoey is still relatively young, that doesn’t mean she has no experience. In fact, when you see how she slams her tits while riding a pecker, you’ll realize she has some great talent, experience, and skill. She definitely enjoys her job, and she’s not planning to retire anytime soon. If you’re into petite blondes, Zoey is a perfect choice.

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