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Hailey Young

Hailey Young is a pornstar

Hailey Young is a sexy cougar from the United States. She was born in Cincinnati on October 15, 1983. She’s 170 centimeters tall and weighs 48 kilograms. Hailey has over 250 videos behind her, and she takes her career quite seriously. She loves being praised for her good work because she knows just how much she’s worth. The way she fondles her body while she’s getting ready to be pounded tells you she certainly doesn’t lack any experience at all.

Her curly black hair is a perfect thing to grab while fucking Hailey from behind. In fact, Hailey loves being grabbed from behind and fucked without mercy. Her cock-sucking skills are also a thing she’s proud of. She’s not a stranger to group banging as well. She has plenty of videos with massive black monsters plowing her tight pussy while she’s moaning like there’s no tomorrow.

There’s no making love with Hailey. Either you fuck her brains out, or you don’t even start bothering. Hailey likes it rough and she’s not afraid to say it. That’s why the vast majority of her videos contain massive rock-hard shafts ready to penetrate her. If you’re into hardcore babes, Hailey is the one.

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