Site Review


Fetish Porn Games is a pretty good site; it managed to completely captivate me and impress me like few of the other porn game sites did. First off, it’s not a classic porn game site – most of them are actually sites that represent just an extension of one game, but this site actually hosts a variety of porn games! It’s a very simple and user-friendly site that has plenty of great content and it’s completely free to use. They have divided their game collections into downloadable games and online-based games, which is great – sometimes we don’t want to download and install the game, but rather enjoy online and then just close the window.

There’s also the “other games” category for erotic, adult and flash-based games, and you’ll find quite a few titles in that section as well. Downloadable games include Jealously, Love Zombies, Lustful Survival, OniArtists, Mirror Mine and plenty of other titles; all categories have several dozens of these amazing porn games, and you’ll really enjoy slowly discovering and playing these hot porn games. To make the long story short – give this site a go, put it in your bookmarks and you will never have to visit another porn game site ever again!

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