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Sexy Sex Doll is a cool sex toy site where you can buy – wait for it – sex dolls! And I’m not talking about those unrealistic sex dolls from 20 years ago; these dolls are so lifelike and gorgeous that it’s crazy! The site has an excellent, cheerful design and you’ll have no issues navigating and choosing the best doll for you. It’s also available in a dozen or so languages: Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Dutch, Greek, German… Visitors can buy ready made dolls or you can ask them to make a custom doll for you. You can also just buy a head (I’m guessing you can just do a head swap later if you really like the body) and there is also a section for accessories. These include wigs, body parts, clothing, ad-ons and more.

You can also choose the dolls by height, size, race, price… There are a fuckload of dolls to choose from and while they are a bit expensive, I think they’re worth it. You can get a doll for something like $800 or spend more money for higher quality dolls, like $1500-$2500. These sex dolls are simply amazing: quality material, lifelike appearance and special ad-ons!

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