Site Review


Well, is there anything to explain about the site that’s called Busty Sirens? It’s an image gallery site and I simply adore them; simple to use and never too aggressive with their marketing, they offer lots of hot photos of the most beautiful babes ever. This site, however, adds a touch of style with detailed descriptions and explanations – who’s featured on the photo? What’s the name of the babe? When and why was the photo taken, and by whom? While these aren’t exactly super-important questions, we’re still curious to know who the babe is!

It’s important if you want to search for one particular chick; it’s good to have one photo but it’s better if you could have more! The site also has a pretty big tag cloud and they are regularly updating their collections. You can expect new photos every day so you might need to check it out multiple times per day, say, in the morning and in the evening. They also have few videos, some reviews, some special porn in the niche section and there is the registration option as well. Give it a try, leave it in your bookmark bar and soon you’ll be visiting it religiously!

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