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Pure VPN offers you security like no other VPN on the market. With their specialized encryption methods, they excel at securing your data as you browse through the internet. You can rest assured that your identity, as well as your data and connection won’t be compromised when you start using Pure VPN. It also has some advanced features when it comes to security which you can use with ease with zero knowledge on the subject of VPNs. Expect a clean and modern design that will provide you with many features that you will undoubtedly use when traversing the internet landscape.

When it comes to performance, it does pretty well at all of the things that you would expect it to do and it showed amazing speed and really well-rounded usability. The servers that the VPN offers span over many countries and you can expect to have an easy time jumping from server to server with the in-built tools that allow this sort of action. It is a premium VPN though so it will come at a price, and that price specifically starts at only $2.95 with a two-year plan, but goes up to $10.95 on a month by month basis.

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